New beginnings, let’s start with Cisco Live 2017

Hello everyone and welcome the home of my new blog site!

Cisco Live 2017! Las Vegas, Nevada

This is my second year going to Cisco Live and I’m proud to go and represent… myself!  There are so many great things to be proud of over the past year since Cisco Live 2016.  Here are a few accomplishments and upcoming items:

  • I was accepted into the Cisco Champion program for 2017
  • I lead a team of individuals who built a complete stack of hybrid cloud Cisco focused technologies… in less than 20 days: HyperFlex, Application Centric Infrastructure (ACI), UCS Director, & CloudCenter
    • I performed hands on for ACI & UCS Director
    • Full stack automation from soup to nuts!
  • Focused extensively on Software Defined Architectures and where our industry is headed, specifically with regards to Software Defined Networking; in all facets!
    • SDN in the Data Center, WAN, and Campus – each has a unique benefit and reason for adoption
  • Won Cisco Live front row keynote seats for a blog I posted on another site
  • Will be participating in Cisco Live keynote feedback presentations and other feedback sessions
  • Networking with my new friends and colleagues from the Cisco Champion program, and of course, many Cisco personnel and partners!

So, what can you expect over the coming week?

  1. A daily blog post recapping the events of the day from my perspective
  2. Tweets… lots and lots of tweets

What about in the future?  My goal here is to create an environment where people come together to discuss the topics that continue to strive our industry forward.  I for one am looking forward to a lot of the SD-Access material from Cisco Live this year.  Then again, I love SDN 🙂

Follow me on twitter @paulmc3 for all the latest updates and if you’re out there, message me and let’s connect.

Keep the latency low and the bandwidth high,


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